Motorfejl antagelig bag russisk flystyrt

In this photo released by Press Service of Russian Emergencies Ministry in Perm region a fuselage piece of a Boeing-737-500 with the company's name Aeroflot, partly seen, lies at the crash site on the outskirts of the Ural Mountains city, early Sunday, Sept. 14, 2008, shortly after the crash. The Boeing-737-500 passenger jet, which was operated by an Aeroflot subsidiary, traveling from Moscow crashed as it was preparing to land early Sunday, killing all 88 people aboard, officials said Sunday. (AP Photo/Press Service of Russian Emergencies Ministry in Perm region, HO)

88 mennesker dræbt, da et Boeing-737 fly styrtede ned i Ural-bjergene nær byen Perm
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