Det Tekniske Fakultet, SDU:

Følgende har fået tildelt ph.d.-grader:

David Brandt for forskningsprojektet: "Scalability and Complexity of Self-Reconfigurable Robot Control".

Line Hougaard Christensen for forskningsprojektet: "Cultivation of algae in bubble column photobioreactors".

Brendon Highland Clark for forskningsprojektet: "Design as Sociopolitical Navigation - A Performative Framework for Action-Oriented Design".

Chris Robert Ashton Heape for forskningsprojektet:"The Design Space - the design process as the construction, exploration and expansion of a conceptual space".

Thomas Rubæk Jørgensen

for forskningsprojektet: "Defined culture conditions in molecular and physiological studies of Aspergillus".

Shuang Ma for forskningsprojektet: "Investigations on Porous Platinum Electrodes for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFCs)".

Krzysztof Sierszecki for forskningsprojektet: "Component-Based Design of Software for Embedded Systems".

Susanne Roslev Søgaard for forskningsprojektet: "An Investigation of the Relation between the Properties and the Composition of New Proton Conducting Polymer Membranes".

Feng Yuyang for forskningsprojektet: "Photoacoustic Spectroscopy for Residual Oil Contamination Monitoring Using Near Infrared Lasers". Mads Vedel Jensen for forskningsprojektet: "Tangible Interaction in Industrial Plants".